Recent news

Recent news

A summary of some new news related to CUNY's and CSI's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. See for the archive.

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link More blackboard training opportunities

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link John Jay chairs respond to their provost's unexpected decision on non-reappointment of adjuncts for 6-month appointments.




...High school seniors on Staten Island are trying to plan for their first year of college during the global pandemic.

Kaitlynn Intartaglio, a senior at Port Richmond High School and Miss Greater New York Outstanding Teen 2020, said it has been difficult to make a choice for college, because she wasn’t able to visit any of the schools she applied to before the pandemic hit – due to her many extracurricular activities.

NY Daily News article by NYCCT English professor.

...On the other side of the country, the City University of New York system is worrying about “potentially deep cuts to our academic programs, campuses and our students” after the state’s latest fiscal plan two weeks ago predicted the shuttering of businesses, the dimming of the lights on Broadway and the loss of jobs during the pandemic will force Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, to make $8.2 billion in cuts next month.

...The clearest tie between federal aid and state higher education funding came last Friday when Missouri state legislators decided to put on hold a 10 percent cut in higher education funding to see if Congress sends the state more money.

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